440 Six Pack 3-Piece Kickdown Linkage with Throttle Cable Bracket


440 Six Pack 3-Piece Kickdown Linkage with correct Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket, return springs, and return spring bracket.  Fits 1969-70 B&E Bodies with original 3-piece style.  Kit includes linkage with upper and lower bellcranks, transmission throttle lever,  return springs and bracket, hardware, throttle cable mounting bracket.

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Customer Reviews

I used this kit on my 68 Charger, 451" with a 518 O/D trans. We welded the lower bellcrank mounting boss on the JW bellhousing and everything fit like stock. This linkage was a huge improvement over the one piece link I was using. I'm very happy with the performance after 3 years of use.

I have a 68 Charger with a custom installation of a 6-pak 451" stroker mated to a 518 diesel truck trans via a JW bellhousing. We added a boss to the bellhousing as required for the bellcrank pivot, then installed the A&A linkage. Everything works perfectly! I am very satisfied with the quality and fit of all the parts.

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